Solar Electric

Determine how much you’ll save, and your level of energy independence when you go with solar electricity.

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Solar Thermal

Larger water storage means fewer cold showers with a solar water heater. Conserve electricity and your wallet!

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Wind & Micro Hydro

Go beyond the sun! Use the wind, streams, and creeks to power your home.

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Here you will find information and resources to help you understand solar energy better and more importantly, what it can mean in savings for your wallet!

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My mission is to help you achieve energy independence, and reduce or eliminate your electric bill with renewable sources of energy. – Scott Schroeder, Founder

Our Clientele

We serve a diverse market from homeowners and small businesses, to government and educational facilities.

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Get Started!

Don’t wait until energy prices are out of control. Contact us to get started with a site survey and get on track towards energy independence today!

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Stay Informed

Sign up for our newsletter to get information on reducing energy consumption, and how to increase the efficiency of your appliances. We’ll also keep you up to date with current events in renewable energy and how they affect you.

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Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy

We are proud to support the FARE coalition in advocating Production Based Incentives, the most effective method for job creation, energy security and environmental stewardship for Florida. FARE is dedicated to creating jobs for the citizens of Florida by advocating for renewable energy public policies.

Andalay Solar

Schroeder Solar Energy is an authorized dealer for Andalay Solar, formerly Westinghouse Dolar, a leading manufacturer for photovoltaics.

Andalay is on the cutting edge of research and development for solar technology in the United States. We are proud to offer these quality products as part of our services to you.

Guardian Solar Hot Water Heaters

As an authorized dealer since 2009, Schroeder Solar Energy is proud to offer quality water heaters from Guardian when we install Solar Thermal systems. These higher volume water heaters are of excellent design and backed by Guardian’s excellent reputation as an industry leader in manufacturing solar water heaters.

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